Thursday, March 15, 2012

Myths of The 3 Day - Part 1

(First in an "I don't know how many or how often" series of misconceptions about The 3 Day that I've come across while talking to potential walkers & donors)

"I have to walk all 60 miles."

I would LOVE to tell you that I've walked all 60 miles. That I've struggled up that last hill... put on my $2 plastic poncho when the rain starts... danced my way in to camp each evening.

Let's be real. I'm a sweep van fan & I'm not ashamed. (Hey, they usually have candy!)

The first year I walked, I trained to the letter. I followed the 24 week training guide like a Bible. I walked all of Day One. And then, instead of taking a long shower in my own bathroom, eating some homemade food and going to sleep in my comfy bed, I found myself at camp. The shower was good. The food was eh. (To be fair, it ROCKED last year!!) And then I went to sleep in a tent. On the ground. Because I had forgotten an air mattress.

I made it about 5 miles in to Day Two before I ended up on a sweep van. I'd walk a little, then van hop, walk, van, walk... you get the idea. I rode in to camp on a big grey bus.

And I don't feel bad about it at all.

There is no shame in getting on a sweep van. Like I said before, they usually have candy. I like candy. I do not like it when I am unable to regulate my own body temperature and have blisters the size of small children.

On the flip side of all of this, we have one of my teammates. We'll call her Beige. (We all have nicknames.) Beige does not train. Like, at all. And yet each year, she walks all 60 miles with hardly a blister. She then proceeds to go home after the event and run on the treadmill. Yes, we hate her, too. (Not really, Beige, you know it's all love!) Apparently, her body is genetically predisposed to walking 60 miles.

I will say this: When I walk with Beige, I always walk further than I had originally planned or believed I could. She's the only reason I finished all of Day One my first year. And we walked together on all of Day Three last year.

If you're one of the proud full 60 miles walkers, I take my shoe off to you. One of these days, I'll do it.

For my newbies who are scared to death of 60 miles, don't let it stop you. Do what you can. That's really what 3 Day is about: Doing all you can, the best you can. I promise you that you'll get much further than you think.

Monday, February 20, 2012


Sometimes, you have to step back & breathe.

Sometimes, you have to wake up at 5 a.m. in tears.

Sometimes, you have to bitch out loud, even if it's just to your dog.

Sometimes, you have to honestly consider quitting.

Sometimes, you have to remember that what you see as an insult is actually a compliment.

Sometimes, you have to live with silence.

Sometimes, you have to ignore the hurt.

Sometimes, you have to do keep doing what you do, not because it's what you do, but because it's who you are.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

My Two Pink Cents

Here's my 2 cents: 75% of the funds raised by each Komen affiliate stay in the area in which they are raised. So if the decision by Komen Nat'l Headquarters to "defund" Planned Parenthood doesn't sit well with you (I'm still not entirely clear on the definition of defunding since I've read that money has not been taken from them & they can reapply at the next grant cycle), check with your local affiliate before making a decision on whether or not to support Komen. Many local affiliates are opposing the decision of Nat'l Headquarters, including all 7 of the California affiliates. Many affiliates have never given grant money to Planned Parenthood because PP has not applied for grant money from them. Furthermore, many affiliates work in conjunction with Planned Parenthood without grant money being involved: They refer individuals to PP and PP, after examination, refers them to organizations that are Komen grantees for further testing, treatment, etc.

Research before you knee jerk. And if after researching you decide to donate elsewhere, make sure you're donating to a legitimate, established charity or organization with a history of doing good work.

Personally, I will continue to fundraise and walk for Komen, because I believe in the bigger cause. Yes, Komen is handling this entire situation with sub-par PR at best... but I don't walk for PR or politics. I walk to find a cure for breast cancer, and I still believe that Komen has done the most work and helped to make the biggest advances in that field.